We are a private non-profit organization created in 1994 by socially committed entrepreneurs who aimed to incorporate social responsibility as a strategic management tool that will allow companies to become agents of change and contribute to Peru´s development and sustainability, by the year 2021, year that our country will celebrate 200 years of independence. We represent the World Business Council for Sustainable Development - WBCSD in Peru and, we are founders’ of FORUM EMPRESA, a hemispheric alliance of business organizations that promotes the development of social responsibility in America and we are the GRI training partner in Peru.

Our mission is to lead the Business sector into achieving the a shared national vision, making companies act as an agents of change for the country's development while integrating corporate responsibility as a strategic management tool.

We want a prosperous, peaceful, democratic and fair Peru where everyone is educated with values and knowledge needed to make our aspirations a reality through stimulating and decent work. A country with strong and transparent institutions that guarantee the rights of the person, the law enforcement and the private sector. A welcoming and supportive, proud of its immense natural, cultural and social diversity country. A country where we can live happily.