The Metropolitan Municipality of Lima is working to achieve an orderly and safe city with good environmental quality, a city able to develop actions that contribute to lessen the effects of climate change.

In this context, under the current administration, Susana Villarán decided to tackle this problem. Therefore, the creation of the Environmental Direction included four new branches, one of which is responsible for Natural Resources and Climate Change. This branch is in charge of designing and promoting mitigation and adaptation initiatives.

Mitigation strategies are already being implemented within the city, among these, the urban transport reform stands out for its great contribution to reduce the emission of toxic gases that pollute the air that cause global warming.

In addition, adaptation initiatives are being carried out, mainly to promote green areas´ increase, urban agriculture, protection of ecosystems (“lomas” also called fog oasis), among others. This is how we show the administration’ commitment to prepare the city for climate change impacts.