Our mission is to promote sustainability and environmental quality in our country by preserving, protecting, recovering and securing environmental conditions, ecosystems and natural resources.

MINAM, responsible for the environment of the country, works along with other governmental organizations and takes a transversal approach, which is essential for achieving sustainable development requirements and environmental stewardship. We recognize the importance of investments and that's why we work for creating the appropriate balance between promoting them and taking care of environment.

This year, Peru will host the major summit on global climate change, the Conference of the Parties - COP20, which seeks a new climate agreement that helps us slow down the effects of climate change by establishing adaptation and mitigation actions to reduce of greenhouse gases.

The Ministry, along with other sectors of government, has been working on strategies and initiatives for adaptation and mitigation of climate change, trying to bring and involve every citizen in the environmental management.

2014 has been designated the "Year of Promoting Responsible Industry and Climate Commitment", which represents the commitment and willingness of the government to promote socially and environmentally responsible growth with social inclusion; taking into account the challenge of climate change, which currently affects all kind of people.