Avina's mission is to impact sustainable development from Latin America by creating favorable conditions for diverse actors to join forces in contributing to the common good.

We envision a prosperous, integrated, and democratic Latin America that is inspired by its own diversity and built on a form of citizenship that positions the region globally according to its own model of sustainable and inclusive development.

We believe that sustainable development is still possible, and this motivates us to work toward a lasting balance between economic, social, and environmental needs. We are convinced that sustainable development can be achieved by impacting public policies and institutions through the coordinated efforts of business, government, and civil society as they aim to develop a new economy and produce public goods for the benefit of all.

Climate change is a systemic condition generated by the current carbon intensive economic growth model. It thus risks sustainable development all over the world. Climate change creates opportunities to consolidate a comprehensive agenda that promotes models of a new economy while help us building public goods.